Long Edits from Yesterday’s Fun

For those of you who prefer the fun of slipping, sliding, rolling, and tumbling, these are all of them from yesterday. In other words, the not groovily edited footage of our snow day. Just the skimming along at 15 mph and a few unintentional stops.

Snow-MO Snowpocalypse: 6 Jan 2014

12″ of snow has fallen in our little Ozark holler. The forecasted high is a whopping 2°F. Area schools and businesses are closed. It’s the first “snow day” of 2014–what to do?

Wait. Let’s drag one another around on our old boogie board! Behind the Civic! And film it with the GoPro you gave me for my birthday!


*Note: This GoPro edit was created with an iMovie template. No, I’m not this good of a filmmaker. But, I am the main idiot at the end of the tow rope.