The HiTechRedneck is an adventuring Renaissance redneck. An amateurish shutterbug. An anti-technology technologist. A rabid scooterist. A survival skills nut. A self-sustainability advocate. A documentarian (technical communicator–to be technical). An angry American lesbian. A math-less engineer. A master naturalist. A scooter-philosophizing, wrench-turning resident of the Planet Earth.

HiTech & Delores stopping for some BBQ.

Scooters: more butch than you’d think.

HiTechRedneck shares her home with seven cats, six dogs, and a better half who alternately encourages HT’s crazy ideas or plants a very firm foot in her backside.

There are two rote responses that HT has for almost anyone: “Get out and RIDE!” and “Dude, read a book. No, seriously, read a book.”

New Orleans Causeway, Big Easy Weekender Rally, March 2012

Heading into N’awlins on Delores (a Bajaj Chetak).

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