Going light, even in winter

Someone was asking me the other day about, “How can you camp in the winter?! It’s cold!” This isn’t the first time I’ve ever been asked this, by far. However, this is Missouri–ticks, anyone? Winter camping (and hiking and backpacking) can be just as enjoyable as fall/summer trips out of doors, it simply requires a bit better planning and some additional skills.

PMags (Paul Magnanti) has written about the best why, what for, how come, and how to for “lightening up” on the trail as I’ve ever come across. And, believe me, over the years I’ve read probably 5,000 pages on the topic.

With the advent of a new year upon us I’m hitting the trail. True, only for three or four days, but when your ass has been on the hiatus that mine’s been this year, let’s just say I’m damned well ready for some John Muir time.

I’ll probably write more on this topic in the next few days. It really depends upon how the old skull is firing and how much work ’round the HiTechRanch v2.0 I accomplish ‘tween now and New Year’s Eve.

But, stay tuned. I’ve a handful of things to get off my chest and a couple of somewhat epic announcements coming in the New Year. 2013 is shaping up to be, God willing and the creeks don’t rise too much thanks to Global Warming, an interesting year.

In the meantime, this is the internet and so here is a picture of a cat. Monster-kitteh has gone on to the great kitteh beyond, but pics are great memory triggers.


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