Ok, so I’m on the radio–sorta

Ok, so one of the great things about being a college student (or living close to a college town) is what? That’s right, College Radio! You know, that free-format, wtf are they playing now? noise usually found in the 8-somethings of your old-fashioned radio dial.

Well, last semester I applied to our campus organization and, lo and behold!, they selected yours truly to be a trainee. Here we are, a few months later and I am, in fact, FCC certified and on the air waves at all hours of the day and night. ‘Tis true!

It is so true, in fact, that I created a Facebook page just for my ON AIR persona. So do me a favor, run over to your FB and LIKE my DJ page, wouldya? This way, if you actually want to listen to my ramblings, blatherings, and full-random-shuffle musical selections, it’ll be as easy as clicking a linky. Oh, and I vid my midnight antics via ustream.tv (yaay!). Also just a clicky linky away.


Eat the baby!

KMNR 89.7 FM Rolla, MO


In case you missed it in the above text, here it is…again:  THEHiTechRedneck: Scootin’, Chewin’, Radio’n


Additionally, a brief head’s up/warning about what I play/talk about. I go off into random Libertarian/self-reliance/survivalist rants. I read excerpts from books on foraging food from the woods. I play brand new music, old music, rap, folk, bluegrass, rock, progressive, indie, standards, jazz, classical…pretty much put all of the music in the world into a giant player and hit “full random shuffle”. Sometimes people drop by and I force them in front of a microphone and make them talk. Ok, I don’t force them to talk…just convince them, nicely, of course…

See? That wasn’t hard, was it?  Ok, great…tune in next week, then…