Well, I’m sitting out in my shop. I’m wondering why on earth I haven’t spent more time out here this summer. I mean, this is, absolutely, my favorite space at the HTRanch. My toolboxes, my silly posters, all sorts of mechanical oddities, and my BIG stereo. Well, big speakers, anyway. I plug in my iPod and groove on to The Band, Tina, The Dead, Jazz, Standards, Country (Willie & Waylon & the Boys, of course), and a plethora of 90’s noise.

Admittedly the shop had gotten quite frightening. I mean, I still could find stuff, but dang, gettin’ through here had become challenging. So, in anticipation of guests from far and wide next weekend, it was time to clean out and clean up.

Which is what I’ve been doing for two days, now. It looks better and you can walk clear across it without dodging anything. So I’m 99.5% done. Just gotta pick up the last few odds ‘n’ ends and grab the shop vac from out at the Farm. Whew, gonna be glad when this is done; there’re tons other projects that require attention before next week. But almost there, thank the Lord.

But for now I’m done. Just had a nice, cool shower and cracked open an ice cold beer from the shop fridge. Gonna put my feet up and sip some adult libations and ponder what to accomplish in the a.m.

So come on out for the BBQ. You’ll get to see my (relatively) clean shop, eat some damned fine grub, and chill with some damned fine folks. Not a bad way to spend an August afternoon, eh?

2 thoughts on “Intermission…

  1. Can’t wait to see the “clean” shop, drink some beer, and eat some of the best BBQ!!! See ya on Friday!!!

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