Time to RIDE

Every time I say “Time to ride!” my brain immediately goes to Roy Batty’s final line in Bladerunner: “Time to die…” he exhales as a white dove flutters from his hand.

Not that taking off on a short scooter trip is anywhere near so dramatic; but the thought of things going awry does enter your mind. And so you pack gear that you’ve learned may assist you in getting through any sort of situation: Rain gear (for you and for the scooter), tools, a spare drive belt (sooooo learned that lesson the hard way), first aid kit (another hard-learned lesson), spark plug (a new one and an old one), one of those hydration packs, sunblock, multi-tool (because Les Stroud is right, you should NEVER go anywhere without one), ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, earplugs, spare riding gloves, cleaner for the helmet shield and the windshield.

Not to mention the camping gear: Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp chair, camp kitchen, and grub.

Add in some spare clothes, the riding gear on your back, electronics (netbook, camera, video camera, phone) and by now your wee machine closely resembles the Beverly Hillbilly’s truck.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I’ve made some pretty stupid decisions at times and, so far, it seems I’ve learned from my mistakes. But we’ll know in the next few days whether or not I’ve got the scooter-journey thing down or not. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some good vids of fine, twisty roads and scenic vistas.

Well, ’til then, rubber side down and shiny side up!

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