Slow goings

Goings on around and about the HiTechRanch have been rather slow of late.

I managed to have a small crash at the MadToto Tornado R’Alley VI the other week and wrenched my ankle. The road rash is healing up rather nicely, in fact is almost completely healed. However, my ankle oft reminds me of what I can and cannot do right now. Someone was kinda enough to post my mishap on YouTube for the world to see.

The rally was, as always, an absolute blast. Scooter hooligans zipping about Kansas City in the dead of night or buzzing along, en masse, to some intriguing local dive. On Saturday night we had an “All Decades Prom” where folks danced the Time Warp and cat walked their way to a mighty fine time.

Since then, however, to allow my ankle some time to heal, I’ve been forced to take it easy. And cancel my scoot trip to North Carolina. Here we are almost a month later and the ankle is finally getting back to normal. I’ve been able to knock out a few things on The List and get some more prep work done for the big move.

The first project we knocked out was the portable potable water system. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful. The idea is to be able to deliver water wherever it’s needed on the farm (i.e. the garden). There are several wells on-site, in addition to the river and several wet-weather creeks, but there’s nothing but rain to water the orchard and the garden. Hence our bright idea.

550 gallon potable water tank
Old truck bed trailer
Some plumbing skills
DC water pump
Solar panel and battery

Put all of these together and you have a pretty nifty system ready to be towed around via tractor or pick up.

The portable potable water project is almost completed. We just need to glue all the PVC connections together and mount the pump and battery. Diane has decided to build the solar panel from scratch; she found an online source for the cells and DIY instructions. Just kinda waiting on her to slap the panel together and then we’ll drag the whole shebang over to the Farm.

It’s also been a month of turning wrenches. The Big Ol’ Ford pickup we found on the cheap has been in dire need of some love. The usual suspects, oil & filter, fuel filter, and belts have all been replaced, leaving a moody clutch pedal and no brake lights to resolve before the truck is road worthy. The 5th wheel hitch has been installed, moving us that much closer to Phase 2 moving day.

I’m trying to aim for the second week of July for the big “move the RV” trip. We’ve settled upon a likely spot close to power and a well…I’ve just got to get the parking area set up. Keeping in mind that heavy things like to settle, soft things like to become brittle, and sunlight can be your enemy is a constant challenge. We’re not going to go so far as to pour a concrete pad, but creating a solid foundation for tires on axles and landing gear is a bit of a challenge. Not to mention the roof and porch we plan to add on to increase usable living space and to draw the outside in…

So the summer has thus far been crammed with challenges and projects. The more I look at what remains to be done the less likely it seems that I’ll have time for any sort of scooter trip. Which would really, really suck. I need my alone and on 2 wheels time. I like to refer to it as my John Muir time. Pick a destination, plot a round-about course, and camp along the route. I’ve a rather nice ride somewhat plotted, but more on that later.

In the meantime, happy projecting and travel safely.

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3 thoughts on “Slow goings

  1. “Pads” to park stuff would be some work, but do not have the handle the tremendous weight of a house. Just think like an elephants foot, said the erstwhile hillbilly engineer.

    The water wagon looks great !! Luv how you’ve sculpted some of them thar body panels .. (he he) Are there conditions on the river for a hydro-ram?
    They ain’t good at massive flow rates, but they are cheap to build and operate, slow and steady 24/7 pumping.

  2. Actually, we have done some looking into hydro-rams. Use of one (or two), however, will depend entirely upon where we decide to situate the house. When you come up here for the 4th be sure to bring along some walkin’ shoes and I’ll give ya the big tour o’ the property. The proposed house site is a pretty good hike from bike parking.

    I’m off to get all the RV measurements that I think I need. Gonna go mark everything out in string and figure up positioning and such this evening.

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