We’ve started. Yup, moving things. Saturday was a fairly productive day as we were finally able to move the massive fibreglass tanks over to the Farm. Yes, the very same tanks that we purchased last September and that have been sitting on my trailer ever since.

Allow me a brief moment to explain this by quoting my Facebook page:


So the better half is into all sorts of interesting things as regards trying to grow food on top of the gravel knob we call home. A few months ago she found this:


After some research and a few trips around the countryside to locate the necessary components, she had the system up and running. And, of course, we went fishing and brought home some pan-fish to grow bigger!

Essentially the system works thusly:

The fish eat and pooh and fertilize the plants. The plants and gravel beds filter the water and clean it for the fishes. The plants get big and we eat them; the fish get bigger and we eat them. Basically it’s a giant nomz machine 😀

The barrel-ponics system in all it’s hippie-fied glory.
The overflow tank fills the soda bottle which lowers and opens the overflow valve to water the gravel beds.
Gravity is your friend, although the water is recirculated into the top tank via an electric pump.
Beans and green onions grow like weeds in this system!
Clean, filtered water pours into the fish tank.
Happy fishes!  Awaiting their doom…a very, very tasty doom I might add.
Well, since she’s so pleased with how well the system works, she’d been thinking about building a larger system. But, it’s EXPENSIVE. Last weekend, however, we stopped off at a junk store and espied a pile of fibreglass tanks. Turns out they comprised a lobster tank set-up. Why on earth there’d be a lobster tank in the middle of MO, we’ve no idea. But they wanted $350 for the whole shebang; which includes a pool pump (as in an in-ground pool pump and filter system) and, much to our pleasant surprise, a HUGE heater for the system. SCORE!

It’ll be a while before the new system is setup, plumbed, and running. We’ll have to devise a serious rack to hold all of the tanks since the contraption relies upon gravity. But check out the sheer size of these tanks! It was quite a challenge to get it all loaded on my trusty 5×10 lowboy.

Wanna know how to keep people from tailgating you on the highway? LOL
Yeah, 5 tanks on a little 5×10 tilt-bed lowboy…yes, I am that good.
Scale, anyone? These things are HUGE.

I’ve tarped over the tank that may hold water (bottom front) until we decide the best place to store everything for the winter. This’ll give us time to get measurements and begin to devise a frame. What can I say, she’s always figuring out ways to keep me busy. 😆

Sorry about the latter group of images being so grainy. The better half used her new point and shoot; setting it down to 5mp makes for some poor pics. The first set of images was taken with the same camera set to 10mp….incredible difference! Oh, and did I mention the cam is waterproof? Hehehheeee! Stay tuned for more underwater images in the future!


So here we are, a scant seven months later, at long last able to unburden my trusty lil low-boy. We re-strapped the monstrosities, hooked up to the truck and headed over to the farm early Saturday afternoon.

I imagine we were quite a sight, even by Missouri standards. Especially considering the pair of aged heifers mugging and giggling in the cab of the truck as we merrily toodled along at 50 mph. But fun makes for time quickly passed and, before we knew it, we had arrived at the tanks’ new home.

En route to the Farm. The tanks, while appearing to be rather precarious, were firmly strapped down.

Just being silly. You can do that when you're driving 15 mph down a gravel road.

The fibreglass tanks snugly tucked away at their new location.

Unfortunately my lil trailer was not meant to be unburdened for long. We’re hoping to move our ramshackle RV out the Farm next weekend, but before that can happen there was some cleaning in order.

Cleaning up metal scrap, that is. C and V (yes, that is a mullet, we forgive her for it due to the awesome color) pitched in and once more my lil trailer was groaning under the weight of yet another burden.


In a rare moment of genius, I decided that the half-dozen rotting cattle panels amongst all the scrap could be put to good use one last time. We folded them over and used them to secure the load, preventing any loose or light bits from blowing off in transit.

A trailer full of scrap. A not so uncommon sight in the Missouri boonies.

Our site, all cleaned up and, hopefully, scrapless.

In the midst of site prep there are other ongoing projects being attended to. The better half has been working up a 60′ x 20′ garden. If you’ve ever tried busting sod that really doesn’t want to be busted, you know her pain. The tiller at the Farm simply isn’t up to the task and I’m left attempting to borrow a bigger, badder, tougher, and heavier tiller from a friend for next weekend. We’ve 13 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes that are just about ready to go in the ground, as well as corn, carrots, onions, and tobacco. Yup…tobacco! The plant tales will have to wait for another post for the time being, though.

Before we knew it Saturday evening was upon us. It was time to head down to the river, light the grill, and stretch our stiff backs and crack our aged knees.

The better half heading for the shed. The only way to get down to the garden area is on the tractor. There are a few spots that are still too sloggy to get even one of the 4x4's through.

This is fast becoming the only way to end a day of hard work. We can't wait for the water temp to come up a few degrees, then we'll be in the river this time of day instead of just admiring it from afar.

Someone else thinks the riverside is a swell place to watch the sunset. This little guy is positively tiny. He'd fit onto a dime and have to stretch out to touch the edges.

Bo and Zeus, a couple of the other current residents of the Farm. Bo says, "Whoa, mang, I was just playin', brah!"

Sunday afternoon rolled around and found us back at work. We wanted to get some more tilling done, but that wasn’t meant to happen. Instead we hiked around the large pasture encompassing the orchard and the garden. At the moment we have no water source, aside from rain, for the garden. The better half and I are convinced we can divert water from either the stream bordering the south side of the pasture or the wet-weather creek along the west side. Some mighty potent visualization techniques and some tricky uses of physics are in order any way we slice it. We want to be able to move water without the aid of electricity and, in this hilly environment, let’s just say it’s a bit challenging.

Anyone who knows me knows I bleed Kubota orange. But hey, you use what's available to you. It's not like I can't fix it if it breaks. And yes, that is my aged mini-dachsie riding shot-gun. Mia was so relaxed you'd have thought she rolls around like this all the time.

See what I mean? Her rear end is on the armrest and I've got a firm hold of her chest. She set paws to steering wheel and just enjoyed the scenery.

Another miniscule friend we met this weekend. This little guy, well, it was windy and I was having a really difficult time keeping him in focus. His abdomen was an incredible shade of green but I couldn't get a clear shot of it. Hopefully I'll see him again when it isn't kite weather.

After much tromping about, avoiding all the bright green poison ivy that’s sprung to life in the past week, it was time to call it a day. We gnoshed on ‘sghettis with C and V and headed back to the Ranch, our thoughts and conversation full of plans for next weekend. Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, and I’ll be building a deck by the end of the month.

‘Til next time, kids.

4 thoughts on “Underway…

  1. what’s with all the “aged” talk???? we are NOT old or middle aged!!! Other than that beef, great post and beautiful scenery and designs.

    • LOL, hey now, bear with me! Albeit I am the youngest of all of us out at the farm, I’m also the one who had a spinal stroke 8 years ago. That cheated me out of about, oh, I dunno, 25 years of feeling spry. Lemme see, the better half is 46, C is 47, M is 49, T is 50, and V is 38, so I’m the baby. 😉

      Enjoy not being (nor feeling) middle-aged yet! Meanwhile, I’ll creep about at my pokey, decrepit pace and do what I can at my own speed 😀

      BTW, yes, it does SUCK to have my mobility so decreased from what it was just a few, short years ago. Ergo, within the given context, hell yes, we’re OLD! LOL Really, I spend my days with kids <25…which is great for my coolness factor (I can fake being 18 like you wouldn't believe), but really, it's a whole 'nother world. You never truly realize that you are "old" or "middle-aged" until you make a film reference in class and NO ONE but the Prof knows what you're talking about. 😀

  2. OK, so I know you really (really) live in Missouri. But this crap about “tilling” soil ?.?.? That must be a thing that northern MO types use as typical language. Maybe you can explain this to me when I visit later this summer.

    I wouldn’t have mentioned this at all /you know me/ but later you used the phrase “tricky use of physics” and that was like a dead blow hammer onto my sensitive IQ. I would have passed over “Use of physics”, but ‘tricky use’…. Damn, you got me there, I just don’t know where to go.

    • Help me out here, if you use a tiller to prep your garden, what else do you call it? LOL Yes, there’s actually soil out on the Farm (unlike here at the current HT Ranch which is, as you know, naught but a gravel knob that nature has kindly obscured with some trees, clover, and a few natural grasses).

      Perhaps a better way to have phrased the physics comment would have been the “tricky application of my knowledge of physics”? 😉

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