Pimping the hubris: Take 2

The Technorati ‘bots hate me. But, because I secretly desire to have thousands of people read my drivel, I’m attempting to get this blog “verified”, again. I first attempted this a couple of weeks ago and, apparently, there was some issue. Ergo, here we are, trying again.

In case you were wondering, Technorati is a basically a blog search engine. You (the blogger) sign up for an account, enter your info, and then the magic of the interwoobies happens and you’re suddenly searchable via their database. Kind of cool, really. Somewhere out there, in the great over-populated expanses of the world at large, some bored, scooter-riding Luddite wanna-be could come across my blog by typing in a few keywords.

Hmm, I always wanted a following. Ahh, yes, an army of minions, hanging on my every word! It could be like, like, umm, Pinky and the Brain or something equally cute and fuzzy on the outside but with a lot of deeper issues addressed on the inside? We could try and take over the world! En masse, astride our Mad Max-styled scooters, we could spread permaculture techniques and firearm safety across the land! We could show the wisdom of using the right tool for the right job! We could re-create society in the Redneck Way!

Meh, mebbe not, but here’s the code, Technorati kids, just in case:


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