Performance anxiety

Meet the big fear. That’s right, writer’s block. Don’t assume that it only afflicts writers (or those who pretend to be writers).

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You know, you have to write a thank you note, an email, a letter (yes, on actual paper), or any number of things and, suddenly, NOTHING. Your mind locks up. You forget the English language and, in a feeble attempt to kick start the ol’ frontal lobe, you begin scribbling mindless lines…

Fortunately, for most, this only lasts for a few seconds, or perhaps a few minutes. Usually something will lube up the gears and cogs of our minds and we’re off! Words flowing easily along the synapses from the brain all the way down to the hand that’s typing or grasping a pencil.

Well, right now I’m stuck with a version of writer’s block.

Huh? You may well ask, aren’t you writing a post to your blog right now? C’mon!

But I’m serious. The challenge of writing a blog is to create content that’s interesting and entertaining and appeals to a broad range of readers. It’s one thing to write about what happened yesterday, it’s another thing entirely to write about it well.

For example, last night the better half and I headed into town to meet some friends for dinner. Their realtor was singing with a live band in a local bar and she had invited the lot of us to come out and hear them play.

Just an FYI, there are only two bars in our little town. And they are pretty much exactly as you’d imagine small-town bars in the midwest to be: kinda old, kinda dark, and on a rainy Saturday night, kinda packed. Thankfully, the realtor gal had reserved a table for our crew next to the makeshift dance floor, which was really just a dance area. In order to even get a band in the place the pool tables are shoved against a far wall.

Surprisingly, the band was quite good. Good ol’ classic rock, of course, but they did mix it up a bit. The realtor gal has killer pipes and easily covered everything from KT Tunstall and Melissa Etheridge to uber-classics Never Been to Spain and I Love Rock and Roll.

Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me, so no exciting tiny-bar-in-the-middle-of-nowhere pics. Sorry, all. No, really, I’m sorry! The dancing of a herd of middle-aged Missourians is a sight to be shared! It was like a train wreck: horrific, yet you just couldn’t tear your eyes from the spectacle. Imagine being locked in your local state psychiatric facility. For some reason the staff has neglected to medicate the inmates for several days and then an overloud PA system blares the  announcement that there will be no Jell-o with dinner. EVER. Yup, exactly. Conniption fits everywhere.

But, if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, check out Badlands. They’re pretty good. But bring your camera.

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3 thoughts on “Performance anxiety

  1. You never said wether or not you joined in the melee. You used to be a pretty good dancer. Sounds like a good time. 😉

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