A blog, HT? Seriously?

Yes, a blog. There are just too many things up my sleeve to not write about them. And, writing is good practice for, well, writing. I’m hoping the blog format will inspire me, mostly because I’ve always been lousy at keeping a journal. Probably because the last time I did my mother read it.

The projects at hand. Well, aside from the obvious (riding) there’s the house project. We’re in the process of designing an earth-sheltered, off-grid home. In the coming weeks I’ll discuss the how’s and why’s of this decision, share some of our design ideas, and pretty much bring you all along with us as we embark on this rather muddy adventure.

So, when I’m not recounting the tale of our Frank Lloyd Wright meets feudal Japan meets the Hobbit house project I will, of course, be sharing more info than most people have ever wanted to know about:


Because, first and foremost, I am the HiTechRedneck because of a scooter. Yet another story I hope you’ll look forward to reading.

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